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Thank you for visiting my interactive resume. I appreciate you taking the time to look over the information here and getting to know me better. My goal in putting this resume online is to give people information about what I do, what my skill set is, and the projects on which I have worked.

As a summary, I am a software engineer for Control Dynamics, Inc. in Hudsonville, Michigan. We provide automation, controls, and software for manufacturing. In my job, I have three basic tasks. One is to work with the electrical engineers to provide user interfaces to various types of process control, collect and record process data, and develop methods to report that data. The second basic main task is to work with manufacturing companies to develop custom software. Typically the software interfaces with databases and other types of software systems. My third task is that I am the company's network administator using Microsoft Small Business Server 2003.

Although this section of my website provides a small sampling of my work, I cannot give a review of all my projects since there are some customer confidentiality issues.

Again, thank you for visiting my website and looking over my resume.

Kim D. Karr,
Software Engineer